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    Post Nokia Multimedia converter 2.0

    Hi experts,

    I am trying to install nokia multimeida converter 2.0. Now its asking me for the forum nokia username and serial number. I put my username and the serial number of my cell phone. I clicked next. It gives me an error " The given serial number doesnot match with the username" Can any one tell me how to resolve this.

    Thanks a million in advance

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    Re: Nokia Multimedia converter 2.0

    From the Nokia Multimedia Converter userguide: Product serial number
    A product serial number is required to install Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0. This can be obtained free of charge through the Forum Nokia site. (Note that if you are not a registered member of Forum Nokia, you will need to register.)

    There are two ways to obtain the product serial number:

    Obtain before installation (preferred). When you visit Forum Nokia, choose the Request Serial Number link on the same web page as the download link. An e-mail containing the product serial number is sent to you immediately; you need this number during the installation process.

    Obtain during installation. During installation, submit your Forum Nokia username and password. The product serial number is immediately sent to the e-mail address associated with your Forum Nokia account. If you use this method to get the serial number, you must have an active Internet connection

    The userguide can be found here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...Guide.pdf.html

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