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    Porting on BlackBerry

    I have written code for Nokia 6630, 6111
    i.e. for Series 60 , Series 40

    i want to use the same code for a Blackberry Handset
    Actually i do not have any idea how to use for Blackberry
    Should we write it seperately or just make a diff build and make changes in the Code.

    Any help Regarding on this will be appreciated


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    Re: Porting on BlackBerry

    Hi Amey Deshpande,

    You'll need the RIM BlackBerry JDE 4.1. IDE. Check these JME for Blackberry links:

    BlackBerry Development Using NetBeans Mobility

    BlackBerry > Developers

    Build Your First BlackBerry Java App

    An Introduction to BlackBerry J2ME Applications

    Create a simple J2ME application for Blackberry with WebSphere Studio Device Developer

    You have choice, too many resources i provided

    BTW, I'll stick to Nokia

    I don't want to mean so curious but Is it your own choice or a project's one?


    Juarez Junior

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