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    Nokia 3300 sms sender

    Hy there ppl.
    I want to creat an application to send sms, but when i try to run it, it asks for a confirmation to send the sms. how can i remove that confirmation.

    The idea is to create an automatic sms sender that does not need human interference.

    Can anyone help please?

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    Re: Nokia 3300 sms sender


    u might be using the confirmation dialog before sending the message.So comment it out or u might be using queryWinL don't use any of this and send sms directly.

    Mateen maldar

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    Re: Nokia 3300 sms sender

    ups.. my program is not C/C++... it's pure Java and I'm using the Nokia Wireless Message API to send the messages (remember, it's a nokia 3300), so any hint for Java? or any example in C/C++?
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    Re: Nokia 3300 sms sender

    Hi ourcach,

    What do you mean by saying "Nokia Wireless Message API?

    I assume you're talking about WMA (JSR-120) mainly because Nokia 3300 implements it.

    I think your problem is security related, your MIDlet is running on MIDP 1.0, so it's untrusted at first. WMA has restricted API calls and that requires a permission to be invoked. Do check the doc below, Appendix A - A.4:Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120)

    MIDP 2.0: Tutorial On Signed MIDlets v1.1

    For MIDP security read the same document.

    At last, Nokia 3300 is a Series 40 1st Edition, there are no public C++ APIs available.

    Hope it helps you as needed.

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