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    Nokia 6610i GPRS - Javascript required hotmail?

    I have recently activated my GPRS settings on my Nokia 6610i with 02 network and got it working fine. However, when I go to site: www.hotmail.com it says "javascript is required to sign in". All I want to do is check my emails.

    Any help would be appreciated?


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    Re: Nokia 6610i GPRS - Javascript required hotmail?

    Hi nrishiraj,

    There's no way to execute Javascript using WAP browsers, so you have no choice.

    Regarding S60, AFAIK Opera Browser for Mobile has a feature that allow you to specify a "user Javascript", take a look at - http://www.opera.com/support/tutorials/userjs/

    Besides, the S60 OSS Browser also has a Javascript engine, but once again just for S60 3rd Edition. Check:



    Are you sure Hotmail does not have a mobile page for WAP access? Check that.


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    Re: Nokia 6610i GPRS - Javascript required hotmail?

    With WAP enabled phone you need to go to http://mobile.msn.com to log in to your hotmail account.

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