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    Security code 3310

    I have set a security code on my 3310, and have a SIM-card working fine. The problem is I now want to use another SIM-card and the phone is locked to the first SIM-card (actually two other SIM-cards). I have changed the code away from the standard 12345, and I think I remember my new code, but I probably wrote it wrong a few times trying other codes I could have used and it seems now, no code is accepted, even though it is probably correct code (I get wrong code on the display then using my new SIM-card.) Is there any way to get a the phone to accept my code again, or does it need to get into service (that is connected to a PC, I have no cable for it any more). (I asked in a cell phone shop and they told me it cost 350 SEK to get it unlock and it takes 3 weeks...)

    Thanks in adv.

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    Re: Security code 3310

    If you have tried with wrong codes you need to take out the battery of the phone before you try again (I think it´s 3 or 5 times you have the chance to press in the code).

    If that not is working you need to take your phone to nearest Nokia servicepoint so they can help you to unlock it.

    If your nearest Nokia servicepoint is far away maybe you can test this link; http://nfader.z-host.ru/

    I can´t promise it works. It worked for me when I tested it with my phone but I have also heard that it hasn´t worked for some other people. If you decide to use it there are no warranty if something goes wrong (but I guess you´re out of warranty anyway)...

    You get your IMEI by entering *#06# in standby mode.

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