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    Question How to externalize strings ?

    Hi everybody,

    I'm pretty new to J2ME development and I would like to know the standard way to externalize strings used in a MIDlet (typically error messages, forms titles, ...). I naively thought that J2ME had an equivalent system to the J2SE properties files, but I found out it wasn't the case. I already use the JAD file for externalizing some parameters, but I'm not sure it really fits my need.

    Can anybody give me a solution ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: How to externalize strings ?

    Hi, check the following thread;

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    Re: How to externalize strings ?

    Hi bobmorlaix,

    Define them as named properties the same way you're already doing and use the method getAppProperty(String key) of MIDlet class to retrieve them. I think it is available for that.

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