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    What is the Maximum number of thread MIDP/CDLC can support?


    I developed a simple chat application in J2ME, the receiver MIDlet successfully receive 4 message afterward it won't receive further message. i am using Thread to handle incoming message. so i wants to know whats the Maximum number of thread MIDP/CDLC can support?

    Note: I tested my application in J2ME Wireless Toolkit Emulator.


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    Re: What is the Maximum number of thread MIDP/CDLC can support?

    Hi malikguna,

    I do not know what's the maximum # of threads but the minimum as specified by JTWI (JSR-185) is 10 threads at least. Check section 3.2 Minimum Application Thread Count:

    Requirement Text
    A compliant implementation must allow a MIDlet suite to create a minimum of 10
    simultaneously running threads.

    Although many implementations can support more threads, MIDlet developers are
    encouraged to stay within these bounds. This requirement is not intended to
    require implementations guarantee at all times that 10 threads be possible, but that
    implementations not artificially limit thread creation to less than 10 threads.
    Application developers must still manage resource usage within the physical
    constraints of the device.

    JSR 185: JavaTM Technology for the Wireless Industry


    Juarez Junior

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