Hi all,

Now i got a connection to operator. I got IP and port address. Now I'm trying to make a connection to operator. but it's confused me.

here in this forum said that we can use NDS + Adobe GoLive to to send MMS to MMSC or use OriginatingApp too. I have try both of them, but i never get the message to my MMS phone or even the notification message via sms.
How do i suppose to do this ? in OriginatingApp should I change the line code below directly to connect to mmsc :

MMSender sender = new MMSender();
sender.addHeader("X-NOKIA-MMSC-Charging", "5"

in EAIF should i change the TA_ADDR address in the eaifem.properties :

#MMSC EAIF Emulator Properties
#Wed Sep 11 16:56:00 ICT 2002

or there is any better solution .... please I really need a help on this.