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    About connecting to operator

    Hi all,

    Now i got a connection to operator. I got IP and port address. Now I'm trying to make a connection to operator. but it's confused me.

    here in this forum said that we can use NDS + Adobe GoLive to to send MMS to MMSC or use OriginatingApp too. I have try both of them, but i never get the message to my MMS phone or even the notification message via sms.
    How do i suppose to do this ? in OriginatingApp should I change the line code below directly to connect to mmsc :

    MMSender sender = new MMSender();
    sender.addHeader("X-NOKIA-MMSC-Charging", "5"

    in EAIF should i change the TA_ADDR address in the eaifem.properties :

    #MMSC EAIF Emulator Properties
    #Wed Sep 11 16:56:00 ICT 2002

    or there is any better solution .... please I really need a help on this.

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    RE: About connecting to operator


    Best place to get the information would be your service provider. But here is the "easy" way to test the connection.

    1) Create a MMS message with Nokia Internet Toolkit 3.1 or similar.
    2) Copy the MMS file to your EAIF templates directory
    3) Start EAIF and select "Terminating application" Press the New Message button.
    4) Select the created message
    5) Send it with the details given by your service provider.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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