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    multiple calendar events

    Hi there
    i have read some very useful information in your forums about sending vcal's to mobiles etc. But I would like to check whether you can send multiple (not recurring) events to a mobile in one step whether it be SMS, email......
    Anyone's help would be very appreciated



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    Re: multiple calendar events

    I dont know if it is directly possible. but by developing ur own app with such a feature u can accomplish that task. in ur app u can export multiple VCal entries to a single file and stream out that file to another mobile through any media such as SMS,Bluetooth etc....then at the receiving end ur app can open that file stream and import all the VCal entries and put them on to the calendar again. In this way, u can make ur app send and receive multiple VCal Entries at a single stretch.
    with regards,

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    Re: multiple calendar events

    hi there.

    i am also searching for a way to transfer mulitple events in one *.vcs file to a mobile via bluetooth. I tried it on several Sony Ericsson phones and it was quite simple. Just add multiple VEVENTS into one file (take care that the header and the footer are included) and the SE phones know that there are multiple events in this one file and add them into the calendar. I'm wondering why it can't be so easy with a Nokia phone. Ever time you have to do some special trix when using Nokia.

    Any suggestions how to transfer multiple calendar events to Nokia phones using one simple vcs-file?



    *EDIT* Ok...just tried a N80 and 3250. The same VCS-File as for the Sony Ericssons is working perfectly. I suggest this feature is only available in Series60 3rd Edition
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    Re: multiple calendar events

    Can anyone advise? When I sync my 6300 all reccurring appointments on a particular day (EG. 1st Tuesday of the month) sync as the date of the first entry. Can this be cured?
    Thanks, Martin

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