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    Sending MMS message.

    an epoc emulator is unable to send out a message. Can the MMSC EAIF emulator as a terminating application send a mms message not to the epoc emulator but to a normal java application?
    If possible, how can i do that?
    Do my java application need to have anything so that it can receive and view the message send from the MMSC EAIF emulator?
    Is there any example for this?

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    RE: Sending MMS message.

    If you reply from EPOC emulator MMS message... you can find out the .mms file in the below directory..
    ROOT DIRECTORY\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\Wins\c\mmsout

    (b)Then you hv write an orginating application which will read the above .mms file and keep it in the EAIF templates folder alongwith the .txt (same file of .mms).

    (c)Download the Nokia's MMS Javalibrary

    Try it out..

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