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    integrating xml with J2ME

    Hi folks ,

    Im a biginner in xml parsing .I have my "spin.xml" file in E dir. Im using Netbeans 5.0 for my game development. i want to parse the xml file to get its content into my mobile or emulator. Please tell me the basic steps i have to follow. I got one sample program for xml parsing which uses

    FileConnection fc = (FileCOnnection)Connector.open("file:///root1/helloword.xml");

    So i replaced it by

    FileConnection fc = (FileCOnnection)Connector.open("file:///E:/spin.xml");

    But its throwing IO EXP: "Root not accesible"

    plz suggest where should i store the xml file to get it in emulator and phone.

    thanks in advance....


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    Re: integrating xml with J2ME


    You have already got replies here in this link

    Please dont make multiple postings in same regard, that may confuse other users searching in the future.


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