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    Wink But is it possible? - juarezjunior

    Hey juarezjunior..


    "Hi salt and pepper,

    I think there's no "silver bullet" or "magic formula". You can minimize changes and tweaks by avoiding specific APIs and following best practices and design guidelines but you'll have to cope with a lot of issues, e.g, different screen sizes.

    You should follow the JME specs but note that this is not going to guarantee everything because there are a lot of implementation specific behaviors, mainly in the "gaps" or areas where the specs are not so clear or precise...

    I attended the Forum Nokia Tech Days Brazil event last week and one (Forum Nokia PRO) company presented an approach that's interesting. They start developing for Nokia S60 at first, then adapt for Nokia Series 40 (if needed) and finally they adjust for other vendors/manufactures platforms/devices. Sounds interesting!

    But beware that nothing will replace testing on real devices, ok?"

    What would you suggest when looking at developing an application that will work with the s40/s60/s80 platforms, and other chosen manufacturers.

    How would you start the development?

    Is it possible to develop the S60 platform first then adapting it to the S40/S80 platforms, and then the vendors/manufacturers platforms/devices.

    I'm more that willing to purchase all chosen mobile phones for testing.. (Nokia,LG,Motorola,Sony Ericsson,Samsung)


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    Re: But is it possible? - juarezjunior

    Hi salt and pepper,

    The "Developer Platforms" approach fostered by Nokia tries to minimize the problems when you're addressing a wide range of (Nokia) devices.

    What i wanted to emphasize is that even if you're using emulators from several manufactures and everything looks fine on them, there's no guarantee that when you deploy the apps on the real devices things will be right.

    Can you figure out? I think you're going to experience issues yourself...

    It's obvious that you won't acquire every device for testing, no way

    But for example, Siemens has categorized their devices in Generations (65, 75, etc) it would be good to test on at least one device for each generation...

    Best Regards,

    Juarez Junior

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