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    Help getting started

    or possibly a swift kick in the backside

    OK, I have downloaded the Nokia SDK 3.0

    the Nokia phone manager recognizes my 6610 attached to my box
    with a clone CA42

    I want to use the COM interface provided by the nokia dlls to query/
    interact with the phone (I am not using VB, C++, nor Python, but
    that's not the problem)

    I have been tinkering with other external executables, but wanted
    to see where I could get with the Nokia SDK.

    In short, which interface do I need to instantiate to establish the
    serial port connection?

    Thx in advance


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    Re: Help getting started

    Hi steveo84! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    May be this doc + example is of some help to you
    MIDP: Using Cable Connection In Nokia Devices (With Example)


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