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    How can you program the Bluetooth of 7650 with C++

    Hi All

    Can anyone tell me how it is possible to program the Bluetooth of Nokia 7650 with C++ ? And is it possible to download these programa to the 7650? As far I heard, one can download MIDlets written in J2ME(which need small space and memory) into the mobile phones. But is it possible also to download and run C++ codes written for Bluetooth in 7650? If possible, how can it be done? IS there any example of this in the web or anywhere?

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    RE: How can you program the Bluetooth of 7650 with C++

    Yes, it is possible!

    Nokia 3650 and 7650 are using Series 60 Platform on top of Symbian OS. You can create applications in C++ that use Bluetooth. You can download or order (free-of-charge) the Series 60 SDK v0.9 for Symbian OS at:

    To learn more about creating Bluetooth applications, please visit Bluetooth documents section at:

    There you can also find Bluetooth examples (also found in the SDK) and a quick guide on setting up the testing environment.

    Of course Symbian documents section is also a very useful place to get further information on Symbian C++ programming and especially on Series 60 specific issues:

    You can write the application, test it on emulator (in Bluetooth applications limited functionality), and then create an installation package and install it on phone.

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