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    Cool Looks like a big sea an im floating in it?

    im new to developing and s60 so what i wona know is what the hell is going on, i bought an N70 and so far i love it problem is since i learned that i can develope my own software i seem to be in an endless cycle of download this download that and giving for the fact i dont now which solution would be the best C++, Java etc.
    Im at best an intermediate when it comes to programming and i have a good understanding when it comes to developing in VB, but i want to learn more and for my sins VB is holding me back. i didnt start on the ground floor but being impatient got on the express elevator and found object orientated programming? what im trying to say is i got nappies on again when it comes to c++, java, python i found python very easy to learn but the documentation can sometimes be crap, i would like to know what you guys think is the best tool for this perticular fone and where can i find some decent material to learn, it gets a bit bamboozling sometimes and i want to learn a new language and being i am self tought brings dirty habbits and not that good a nowledge base.
    please give me some words of wisdom b4 I launch anotha download lol cheers.

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    Re: Looks like a big sea an im floating in it?

    well ... ur problem is that u don't know what u really want ...

    choosing the development l;anguage depends on the targeted devices the N70 .. is a Symbian os device that su[pporst midp2.0 and cldc1.1... so u can use both j2me ans symbian c++...
    so now it depends to the application u wanna build and API's u need ...

    just know what u wanna do ... then choose the suitable language, IDE and sdk ....

    done ... i hope i gave some help

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