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    Question Music recording on N91

    As I haven't got an N91 right now, I pose the question here: as I read in the german "connect", the N91 should have an ANALOGUE line input to record music or speech from ANY source, not just from a computer using MP3's.

    As a sound engineer, this would be a very, very interesting option, but I can't find anything on the internet about it. In my opinion, "connect" isn't right....

    Or did I overlook something?


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    Re: Music recording on N91

    In order to do this you must have a CA-63U cable.

    As I understand it, this cable does not come with the phone in the Sales package.

    Unfortunately there is very limited information about his cable on Nokia's website.

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    Smile Re: Music recording on N91

    Hello Nokia helper,

    This helps, surely! Where can I buy this cable, and what port do I connect it to?

    Do I have microphone or line-inputs then, and what quality can I expect?

    Thanks a lot,

    Timmo Meyer.

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    Re: Music recording on N91

    With CA-63U you get Audio Line-In.

    Unfortunately this cable seems to be very hard to find, at least in the Nordic countries. Can someone confirm if this cable is included or available in the sales package in the rest of Europe, America or Asia?

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    Re: Music recording on N91

    I digged a little deeper now, and I found out that the N91 should record using the AMR-WB codec. As I expect no less than a STEREO line-input, it should be even AMR-WB+.
    This codec is able to achieve a bandwidth up to 24kHz(!) with only 48kb/s datarate!!!
    That sounds interesting....
    As they are advertising on dutch TV now for the N91, I hope it becomes available soon for a test.

    I looked at the German eBay-site, and guess what? The line-in cable CA-63U is, sometimes, in the package! For EUR 579,- it's yours.... including the N91

    Look at this one:


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