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    [announce] Image Converter for 1st edition

    hello ,


    image1st module

    Allow to old phones Image saving and loading and the famous imageviewer1st.py compatible 1st Ed from Nokia

    Apache 2 License by Nikhil Vaj and Otsov and Cyke64 for image1st.pyd

    Nokia License for imageviewer1st.py
    pys60 1.4.5 and 2.0.0, pygame, PyS60 CE on E90 and 5800 !

    Find my pys60 extension modules on cyke64.googlepages.com

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    Re: [announce] Image Converter for 1st edition

    When trying to download a picture to my phone using the Nokia Image converter I get the message "failed to update image to phone"

    Memory used on the phone is minimal. There is no file with the same name on the phone and the file size is only 12kB.

    I am using my IR port to do this and my phone is a Nokia 6100.

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    Re: [announce] Image Converter for 1st edition

    satyakorada009, this is the wrong forum for your question.

    These aren't the converters you are looking for. Move along.

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