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    Nokia 6230i and video

    I have been trying to get some videos ~25mb (when compressed) to work with my Nokia 6230i. When converting the files with Nokia Multimedia Player the quality is quite horrible, but the videos still work. I have fiddled with another programs (couldn't get Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0 to work, it just crashes at start with no error messages) and tried different bitrates and stuff, but soon the audio will go out of sync. The video works fine though, even with 192kbps bitrate. I also tried with settings listed in here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,6566,1_3,00.html ,but soon the audio will stop for a moment and get out of sync again.

    Would the problem be the 32mb MMC card that I'm using? Has anyone tried large videos in cards with bigger capacity? Though I have tried another large video, with size over 20mb, and compressed with Nokia Multimedia Player, and it worked with no audio problems. So, would the problem still be the MMC card as the audio problems only occur with video files with higher bitrates?

    Edit: It seems that the problem was the card. I bought 1gb sized card today and videos work great.
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    Re: Nokia 6230i and video

    If you have problems with the audio going out of sync, check your setting for the compressed video. If you have a source video with 25fps, it is important you keep the framerate at half that: 12,5fps or half of that 6,25fps and not something in between like 15fps, 10fps etc.
    If this does not work, it is probably because you overall bitrate setting is too high. If your video stutters or stops and starts palying again this is normally a sign of trying to force to many bits through the player.

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