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Thread: Signing MIDlets

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    Red face Signing MIDlets

    Hi All

    I want to get my MIDlet signed.
    I just want to have some tips from experienced persons who have got their application signed.

    Let me know about

    1. Best CAs availaible
    2. What is the cost for getting MIDlet signed.

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Re: Signing MIDlets

    JavaVerified certificate is available on widest variety of devices for J2ME signing. Other certificates might or might not be there and and they might or might not have the Java midlet signing capabilities.

    The JavaVerified testing costs start at $175 (more accurate pricing info is available on testing house web sites). Your application has to also follow the UTC quidelines. More info available on javaverified.com.

    Additionally (for JavaVerified) you need one certificate from a CA to prove your identity for the testing house and that the midlet has not been tampered before it reaches the testing house (you can use this certificate as long at it is valid to sign as many midles as you like). For pricing info, check the CA web sites.

    This answers only part of your question, hopefully someone else chimes in...


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