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    Java Client <-> C# Server??

    Right, basically a while back I started on a project aiming to create a Bluetooth remote control for Nokia (Series 60 mainly) devices, to allow them to remotely control iTunes and other such Windows applications... (WMP, Powerpoint, etc)

    Now I have completed the server and it seems to work perfectly, and awaits an incomming connection request from the client. However, the Java client seems to be giving me problems... First of all I cant figure out how to set up the Nokia S60 emulator in any way which will work with Bluetooth code :S ? Secondly, I am having a lot of problems with the connecting code in J2ME, it compiles, but as I said it doesnt seem to manage to establish a connection with the server...

    Has anyone else managed to do anything similar? or can you please give me some help?? The source code for the client AND server can be found here:



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    Re: Java Client <-> C# Server??

    can't download files. Can you send it to me at nutsukae@gmail.com

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