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    RGenericAgent support on Nokia 9210

    The Nokia 9210 SDK is based on Symbian 6.0. Our app currently uses RNetDial for RAS dialup connection sessions. RNetDial is deprecated from v6.1 onwards.

    Now that we are porting to Symbian 7 to support the P800 device we need to use RGenericAgent to provide this functionality.

    We would like to maintain a common code base for the app, so:

    1) Is there a Nokia 9210 SDK 6.1 upgrade?
    2) Will the Nokia 9210 work with RGenericAgent pulled in from the Symbian 6.1 SDK (if it is available) ?

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    RE: RGenericAgent support on Nokia 9210


    Unfortunately, so far we don't have any information about upgrading the Nokia 9200 Communicator Series SDK to be based on Symbian OS 6.1. There is no guarantee that you can 100% maintain common code base for your app in this situation. But at least you can try to do so since the generic agent is a plug-in module plugging into the Nifman framework, which probably remains unchanged in both V6.1/V7.0. To try this, make sure that you have the Genconn.agt module to be installed in the System\libs in a device. Remember that if you are successful with this, you may need to get a lisence from Symbian to use the module as a component of your application.

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