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    Cool Bluetooth Client Warning when Master disconnects: Possibly master VM has terminated

    Why does this error occur in the slave in a PAN, when the master in a PAN goes out of range or disconnects. How does the slaves recover from such an error if it is not switchable (from slave to Master). This can be demonstrated in the bluetoothDemo that comes as a part of the JWTK23 toolkit.
    1. Startup the bluetoothdemo 2 of them as server and select some images to transfer
    2. Startup a 3rd bluetoothdemo as client
    3. Once you have successfully transferred the images, Close the first server
    with the phone number +5550000
    4. Use the client to try and retrieve the images again and a discovery error will occur. This should not happen since as server at phone number +555000 is still running.
    5. When you close all of the applications, the error "Warning: network is unavailable. Possibly master VM has been terminated"

    How do you as a client recover from this problem?
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    What for Nokia device(s) are involved?

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