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    S- 60 Theme Creator v 3.0 - Very Slow


    im trying to work on the S-60 theme creator v 3.0 but it is absolutely horrible in terms of speed and lag. It takes a very long time for anything to happen and move. Also when i save files and open a new one, the new one ends up saving over the old one.

    My system specs are Athlon 64 bit 1.8Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 120GB HDD, 128 MB Geforce MMX Graphics card.

    would appreciate any help.

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    Re: S- 60 Theme Creator v 3.0 - Very Slow

    All you can try is more memory and a faster CPU for your PC. Any additional speed improvements would have to come via whomever wrote/created the S60 Theme Studio (i.e., they'd have to release a new, faster version).

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    Angry Re: S- 60 Theme Creator v 3.0 - Very Slow

    HI @ll:

    sorry but....how much CPU power and memory do we need to create a simple theme for a smart-phone ?!
    2 GHz and 768MB RAM should be enough !!! - i developed themes on a 850 MHz CPU and now with 2GHz. The difference is not really obvious !
    I do not understand why the Theme Studio takes 500 MB of RAM ?! Besides you have to use Photoshop and sometimes Illustrator for editing which uses a lot of RAM also.
    It is inacceptable that this Theme Studio 3.0 is so slow that developing a whole theme für Series60 will take several hours.
    Other manufacturers (ok, with simple phones) have more usefull and faster apps to create theme. And they work excellent.
    The next thing is.....creating a theme for Series 60 2nd Edition does not mean that you are able to deploy it on a 3rd Edition phone. Here you have to add a Developer Certificate.
    And developing a Theme for Series 60 2nd also does not mean that your theme works properly on old Series60 plattforms. Some highlight you created for 2nd Edition are not usable for older Versions of the OS. Therfore the default highlight are set. And sometimes it looks like crap (sorry for that)
    So....in fact if oyu want do develope for each Edition excellent themes you have to create 3 Themes with a extremely slow and buggy programm.
    I don´t believe that NOKIA wants the developer to work under such circumstances. So please NOKIA, pimp the THEME STUDIO


    PS: a slight touch of intuitive user interface would also be great. To be honest....sometimes i have no idea want the developr of the programm means with " Active idle focused list highlight background color" or something like that
    Simplifying the user interface would help using your Theme Stundio
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    Re: S- 60 Theme Creator v 3.0 - Very Slow

    hi Micheal,

    please add your feedback to that thread:
    here is quite wrong forum for feedback about tools,

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    Re: S- 60 Theme Creator v 3.0 - Very Slow

    Hmmm....sorry for that.


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