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    6630 full memory - how to deal with it?

    This means I'm not allowed to open programmes ("memory full").

    I have all my text messages, images and video files on the memory card, not on the phone itself.

    I've not installed any programmes on the phone.

    So how do I deal with this? Do a backup on the PC suite, and then format it? Or isn't this concidered safe?

    I appreciate any help on this!

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    Re: 6630 full memory - how to deal with it?

    Do you have any applications running in the background? You can see this by pressing the menu button down for two seconds. If it says anything more then "Phone" there to the left, close the other open applications one-by-one and then try again.

    If you still get the full memory message I personally would recommend to install a program that can optimize the memory for you.

    There is a nice post on this link that explains how you can free up some memory without formating the phone, if you want to test that:


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    Re: 6630 full memory - how to deal with it?

    Thanks for helping!
    I tried formatting the phone, and now it works like a charm!

    The phone refused to open some files even when no other programmes was open. Sometimes I couldn't even access the internet. But now everything's great!

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