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    Custom FEP breaks Web application on S60 device

    Hi Guys

    I have noticed that in my custom FEP that if I start up the "Web" app on my S60 device - it appears to crash and return to the selection menu again.

    Upon reading all the articles related to FEPs on this forum I believe that this is caused by my FEP not implementing MAknEditingStateIndicator.

    I have obtained this file from this forum - but I am unclear how to use it.

    When reading the Nitin Mittal PDF about FEPs it says that I need to implement the class and that I need to call CAknEnv::SwapEditingStateIndicator().

    However I have some questions about this:

    1) Do I implement MAknEditingStateIndicator in my CCoeControl derived class or my CCoeFep derived class?

    2) When implementing SetState() and IndicatorContainer() - do these have to implement anything or can they be empty?

    3) When I call CAknEnv::SwapEditingStateIndicator() do I call this from my constructor and destructor in my CCoeControl or CCoeFep derived classes?

    4) When calling CAknEnv::SwapEditingStateIndicator() what do I pass into the function when I am in my constructor and what do I pass in when I am in my destructor? The function returns a MAknEditingStateIndicator * - is this a pointer to the previous Editing State Indicator?

    Any help on this would be great.

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    Re: Custom FEP breaks Web application on S60 device

    1. I used to implement it in CCoeFep derived class.

    2. i had the set state empty, and returned fully constructed object in IndicatorContainer. Basically this object is just constructed so this function wouldn't return NULL, didn't use it anywhere else.

    3/4. you could swap with this pointer in constructor and then swap giving NULL in your destructor.


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    Re: Custom FEP breaks Web application on S60 device

    Thanks for the help yucca - that has fixed my problem.

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