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Thread: DRM & Java apps

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    DRM & Java apps

    Ive asked a simliar question in the content Forum and got no answers so here goes again!

    Nokia provide NMIT - the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit which includes tools to take a jad/jar and produce a DRM 'wrapped' version for delivery to the device which then prevents someone simply 'sending' the application to all and any.

    So... the question is, does the developer do this before 'uploading' files to a publisher/aggregator/java verified etc. OR is this done by the publisher/content provider at the final point of delivery only.

    Ive asked nokia software market the same question and they said they dont know the answer to technical questions - try forum nokia !! Thanks. Steve.

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    Re: DRM & Java apps

    The Java Verified signing happens before any DRM wrapping, I imagine.

    The DRM wrapping you can do or let somebody else do (a publisher/content provider) as you see (or the publisher/content provider sees) best.

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