I send binary message through wap push to nokia 6680
with the following settings

Message type: Other
User Data Header: 0605040B8423F0
Binary Data: 7506221F206170706C69636174696F6E2F766E642E7761702E6D6D732D6D657373616765008C8298 4D4D535F6E6F74696669636174696F6E5F323032008D928A808E022800880381013C83687474703A 2F2F3134302E39362E3137382E34303A383038302F2E2F636F6E74656E742F5F5F4D4D315F636F6E 74656E743230322E786D6C00
DCS (Data Coding Scheme): 4

But nokia 6680 doesn't receive anything (No notification and No messages)

It can successfully send MMS and reveive MMS from other cellerphone

Our ISP tell us they found the terminal equipment doesn't response. May it was disconnect or out of radio range. But i can receive MMS from other cellerphone.

Could you tell me why? Thank you