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    Nokia 8800 - max jar size?

    Can anyone suggest, please, the real max jar size on nokia 8800 device.

    I've asked some of my firends - they tell different information.
    Some tells that 300k can be uploaded via OTA easily, some tells that only 125k.

    So, is there any difference in device range of 8800? Is it a firmware issue? Which max jar size should be? 125k?

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    Re: Nokia 8800 - max jar size?

    Hi Kirus,

    From the specs in Nokia for 8800 the Max jar size supported is 125K

    In some of the Nokia/Siemens/sony ericcson models although the specs says a specific max jar size but we are able to load larger jar with sizes greaterthan the maximum possible size. But it is less risky to keep the size below the specified maximum jar size.


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