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    SMS like TextBox

    Do you know of a way to implement Textbox which will be the same of the SMS TextBox ,
    where the "search(in contacts)" option appears on the bottom menu buttons (on Nokia 3100)?

    * Is there any way to make the "search" button to appear in the bottom next to the "options" ? (I use a PHONENUMBER type of TextBox)

    Thanks & Have a great Weekend :-)

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    Re: SMS like TextBox

    Hi Bill_Murray,

    This is the default behaviour of the textbox of the nokia phones. You edit / modify the default commands in the textbox like search, addressbook , T9input.......... Only thing u can do is add more commands to the textbox.


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    Re: SMS like TextBox

    Thank you Wang
    I hoped that there is some way to get a reference to the "search" command and maybe control its position.
    by the way ,
    in Nokia 3100 all commands that I add are under "options" ,
    also commands that I define as STOP or BACK .
    is there a way to put a commands besides the "options" ?


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