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    Cool text-file vs. recordstore

    Hi, I’m a J2ME-rookie and started with a simple db-like high-level-application that just displays information about 56 different Entities. The Entities are static, so they will never be changed. The startApp() builds 56 Objects with attribute-data from a text-file in the jar. Now the questions:

    Would it be more efficient to build an application like that with a record-stores?
    In witch cases I should rather choose recordstores than text-files?

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    Re: text-file vs. recordstore

    Hi audiosport,

    I believe the startup time for your strategy (below) is longer but app execution is faster. On the other hand, if you were using record-stores it can be slower mainly because it involves some I/O (it can vary depending on implementation strategies, e.g. cache).

    Considering that your entities are static, read-only, predefined ones, using RS is an overkill to me keep the files if you're satisfied.


    Juarez Jr

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