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    one Carbide.vs project for 2nd and 3rd edition dll


    is it somehow possible to compile a dll for 3rd and 2nd edition from one project?

    In the sdk configuration screen, I can either activate the 1st/2nd edition sdk's, or when specifying this during import or creating, 3rd edition sdks.

    The code for this dll is pretty much the same except some minor changes which I am handling with macros, so I would like to just have one project instead of switching back and forth between the two


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    Re: one Carbide.vs project for 2nd and 3rd edition dll

    Well, yes and no. You need 2 different projects but you can use the same codebase. The way to do this is to use the Carbide.vs "Clone" functionality.

    What cloning does, is create a 3.0 project of a 2.x project in such a way that both projects share the same codebase - those parts which are common to 2.x and 3.0. What you then can do then is maintain just one set of .cpp and .h files suitably modified with IFDEF's and what have you.

    The rest of the project files (.mmp, .rss etc) are then unique to the project and reflect the project differences.

    To make a project in this way, first make a Carbide.vs 2.x ("Classic" in Carbide terms) project, then select "Clone to 3.0 project" from project menu to create the 3.0 project into the same solution.

    As always, Help has this covered and there is a Classic Template (S60 MIME Type recogniser) that is "Clonable", ie it has IFDEF's etc to show you how to handle the code.

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