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    Exclamation unable go to menu

    I can't go to main menu on because it "jump" back. I think i have last install app. that i cause it. So, i want to go Application manager to remove these last app. When i press menu button then it flash less 1 sec then back.

    Is there anyone know, how to uninstall app from Nokia PC Suite, with use File manager? File manager does not show my installed app.

    My phone is NOKIA N70.

    I hope there is anybody to help me, i would really appreciated if i have solutions.

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    Re: unable go to menu

    If you cannot go to the main menu, try switching off the phone and restart it and then go to the Application manager and remove the problematic app. If you could not even switch off the phone try removing the battery as a final way and then restart it and then go to the Application manager and remove the app !

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: unable go to menu

    What app did u install ?

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