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    Thumbs down 6280 internet setup

    This is probably a simple question, but I cannot get the following to work.

    Our MIDlet application connects to a server using two sockets. It is working on a lot of devices.
    I have installed the operators standard settings for WAP, MMS and Internet, but when I run the application, I get the usual question if I will allow a connection to Internet, but then nothing happens.
    I've been thru the settings but cannot figure out what I have done wrong.
    The WAP-browser works fine...
    Is there something else I need to do (I have given the app the rights to use the network)?

    Can anybody give me an idea?


    PS. I have now magically made it work, even though I cannot tell which change finally made it happen....
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    Re: 6280 internet setup

    I don't know your application, but i had the same problem. Try WEB settings instead of the WAP setting. In my case it worked.


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