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    Question about calling pauseApp

    Good day,
    I have a question about the usage of pauseApp - is it possible to call it in an explicit way?
    I would like to pause my midlet (I am using nokia6280 - S40 3rd eddition device)



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    Re: Question about calling pauseApp

    Hi Yair,

    I'm not sure what your issue is but you should use the method notifyPaused() of MIDlet class. Check the info below from the Javadocs:

    "Notifies the application management software that the MIDlet does not want to be active and has entered the Paused state. Invoking this method will have no effect if the MIDlet is destroyed, or if it has not yet been started.

    It may be invoked by the MIDlet when it is in the Active state.

    If a MIDlet calls notifyPaused(), in the future its startApp() method may be called make it active again, or its destroyApp() method may be called to request it to destroy itself.

    If the application pauses itself it will need to call resumeRequest to request to reenter the active state. "

    More on MIDlet lifecycle:

    Understanding J2ME Application Models


    Juarez Junior

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    Re: Question about calling pauseApp

    On phones where a MIDlet can be sent to the background you can usually do it by calling Display.setCurrent(null). But on phones that are not multitasking this won't have any effect at all.


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