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    Unhappy HeadSet HS-6 problem

    Has anyone else had the following issue with the Nokia Display HeadSet HS-6:

    Plug it into the phone and instead of working normally, it just displays 'NOKIA' in the display area only. It remains lit up always, which is a real bummer coz it drains the battery fast. Also, none of the buttons on the display work any more.

    The headphones through it still work ok but for what I bought it for, its useless now. Common problem, dodgy connection, any solution, or just need to return it for replacement?


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    Re: HeadSet HS-6 problem


    I have the same problem with my Nokia E60 (Symbian 9.1, S60 3rd edition).

    Looks like nokia (or symbian) "forgot" to implement driver for this device.


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