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    Question upload mobile data

    hiii, i am new to the the field of mobile based applications.

    i am planning to prepare backup n restore application from mobile device to the website.

    The mobile contacts and other data must be uploaded to the website...to retrieve them later on in case of loss of mobile device or such scenarios.

    i am totally unaware of wht to do.. n how to start.

    please do suggest me how to start.. n which tools n sdk's to be used.

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    Re: upload mobile data

    For this you need to have a phone which supports JSR-75 (more specifically the optional package for PIM and possibly FileConnection, if you want to backup some files on the phone).

    For tools: If you do not have yet installed a development environment, download for example Eclipse (www.eclipse.org). Then download Carbide.j from forum.nokia.com and install that (choosing the option to integrate it with Eclipse). Both tools are free.

    What SDK to use? That depends on which phone you are targeting. Make sure the SDK supports JSR 75 (Series 40 3rd edition, S60 3rd edition, or prototype SDK 4.0). You can find all the sdks on forum.nokia.com (see the left sidebar). The SDKs are free.

    There is also a lot of documentation on this web site. For more J2ME documentation, see java.sun.com

    Good luck!


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    Post Re: upload mobile data

    Use Netbeans as a development ide. Netbeans Mobility Pack is ultimate editor for mobile apps. so first install netbeans from www.netbeans.org and than download and install netbeans mobility pack also.

    download sdks / emulators from nokia,motorola etc company developer websites.

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