hey everyone!
Plz i need some help, i'm using the Nokia PC Connectivity 2.1, i'm trying to send a WAP configuration ("OTA&quot via SMS, i'm using Nokia 6110 mobile for sending the SMS, consedering that an OTA file is too big to be sent in one SMS, i have to send it by sending 2 SMS.

I'll post the header and the data
firstHeader : 0B0504C34FC0020003040201

secondHeader : 0B0504C34FC0020003040202

firstData : 01062C1F2A6170706C69636174696F6E2F782D7761702D70726F762E62726F777365722D73657474696E67730081EA01016A0045C6060187124501872111032B3936313333393033393100018728720187296A0187227001871D640187231103706C7567676564000187241103706C7567676564000187146001871311033139

secondData: 322E3136382E322E3200010186071103687474703A2F2F7761702E706C75676765642E636F6D2E6C62000101

but it's not working, the mobile is sending the OTA but the other mobile is not receiving (i'm sure that the other mobile support WAP Configuration)
So i used portmon to see what's going on, it seems that the second data is sent well but the first one not, that's why the destination mobile is not understanding what he's receiving.

If anyone used this SDK or has already worked on this subject, plz reply for me, i really need help here coz i've tried everything.

Thank u for ur cooperation.