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    Cant instal aplications

    I used to be able to ... but nowadays everytime i try to install something on my phone from my computer ( USB conection ) it says ... finish the instal on ya phone ... as allways ... and the instal does pop up but goes away like 0.1 sec after :| ... back to my screen saver ... i went to the aplication thing on the phone ... and the java file is indeed on it so i click to instal and it says checking memory and goes back to the aplications thing ... i click install ... checking memory ... and goes back to the aplicationg thing :| ... help plz?
    tkz in advance

    btw i was able to install 4 or 5 files out of 100 =/

    my phone = nokia 6680 btw

    aplication thing = the folder that allows you to unistal and instal stuff =)
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    Re: Cant instal aplications

    Hi xRikox,

    I think this behavior is strange but i had problems with a Nokia 6681 i have here. It was almost the same behavior you're reporting. When i tried to check the installed applications the Applications Manager was looping forever...(Checking Memory).

    Some apps were not uninstalled correctly and trying to reinstall them was not being successfull. So i just formated my memory card (where all the apps were) and everything worked again, i mean, i was able to use the App. Manager as well as install applications normally. I do not know the reasons why for that...it can be the same for Nokia 6680, maybe.



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