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Thread: Push registry

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    Push registry

    hi ,
    i want to ask you about the MIDP 2.0 phones which support BLUETOOTH push registry(if anyone had tested that i'd be thankful)
    thank you.
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    Re: Push registry

    Hi chiamnov,

    AFAIK this is available from S60 2nd Edition FP 2 onwards. It seems it's not possible even in Series 40 3rd Edition devices yet. Read:

    "S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2 introduced support for Bluetooth Push, which
    means that a device is capable of launching applications triggered by receiving
    Bluetooth indications from an external source."

    This is from this doc - S60 2nd/3rd Edition: Differences in Features v1.3

    Hope it helps!


    Juarez Jr

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    Please continue here…

    Next time, please make sure to select the correct discussion folder. Java > Networking would be better in this case. Additionally, before posting, do a search at the upper left.

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