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    Big problem with Nokia 9500.

    Hi I have just bought Nokia 9500. I've start playing with this phone. I've install some software. After I have decide to uninstall one of application and by mistake I have uninstall something calles Crystal Cover or something. After reboot I can not turn the phone part on, I can not connect to PC and PDA part of 9500 is freazing on the welcome screen. Do you think then software upgrade will help?

    Please help.

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    Re: Big problem with Nokia 9500.

    This suggestion board is only for Developer Support.

    Nokia end user products support questions should be addressed at Nokia's online support sites http://www.nokia.com/support not here in Forum Nokia.

    Also there are some localized product support forums and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions http://discussions.nokia.co.uk/discussions/. If you post your concerns there you may get a response from there.


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    Re: Big problem with Nokia 9500.

    Hi stanmar! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    Give a try with reinstalling the uninstalled software.
    A list of 9500 Applications are available here

    If you still have trouble with your 9500, It will be better to contact nearest Nokia care center.

    BTW in future, post the end user questions in the links as Ron pointed.


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