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    Sending VCards from a C# program to a phone

    i'm building a program in C# that must be able to send VCards to Nokia phones. i've read the Smart Messaging FAQ and have downloaded the AT Commands, AT help and Sending_Content_v10 documents but i still have some queries:

    1. VCards are sent to a phone in which message format? text or PDU

    2. How do i "tell" the GSM modem that i'm sending to PDU mode? (it is currently set to text mode)

    3. AT+CMGS=<length><enter/carriage return><pdu><ctrl-z>
    From the above code where do i put the recipient's mobile number
    and the VCard?

    4. how is the first 14 Hexadecimal numbers calculated and can i have a more detailed explaination of their uses in the vCard message in Q13 of the Smart Messging FAQ?

    5. when the vCard is sent out, should it be sent out as a string or hexadecimal numbers.

    6. i need a simpler explaination of how to configure the TPDU octets in Q8 in the Smart Messaging FAQ.

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    RE: Sending VCards from a C# program to a phone

    Hey u !
    Listen i've worked before on SMS format: pdu and text.
    Ckeck this 2 URLs, it will help u


    About the vCard, of course it should be sent in hex numbers, u have to convert the string to hex form, i have an application that can do the job, if u want it send me an e_mail and i'll help u as much as i can.this is my e-mail : pascale_raad@hotmail.com

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