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    Please release installable D_EXC for Symbian 9!

    Symbian have released the D_EXC tool for pre-Symbian 9 versions of Symbian. This tool allows stack traces to be captured when an application crashes and is invaluable for debugging device-only crash bugs. A new version of this tool is available for Symbian 9 (with enhanced security) and this has been included on some of the Symbian 9 phones so far released by Nokia. The tool is also available from the Symbian 9 BAK SDKs that are released directly from Symbian (for those that have access to them), but it is impossible to install on device without a special certificate issued by Nokia (due to the Symbian 9 security restrictions)...

    Please release an installable version of D_EXC so it is possible to debug device-only crash bugs without having to buy the expensive CodeWarrior Professional Edition (which supports on-device debugging)! This would be invaluable for lost cost developers who are seriously interested in the quality of their applications.
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