First I've to say I'm a absolute newby in Symbian - I'm currently trying to build sis-installer-file for S60 N7610. I was happy to be able to create a file - but it doesn't work...
I've got 2 swf-files (FlashLite) that I intend to integrate within the sis - FlashLite is running and the files itself either - but after creating the sis-file with makesis following error comes up on the mobile "Installer: "Feature not supported""

here the code of the pkg-file:


#{"FLASH LITE CONTENT"},(0x0100000),1,0,0
;TYPE=SISOPTION if I use SISOPTION it comes up with an error 
;while creating


;Supports Series 60 v 1.0 or later
(0x101F795F), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

"EL00.swf" - "!:\documents\flash\dir1\EL00.swf"
"EL01.swf" - "!:\documents\flash\dir1\EL01.swf"

;I'm not sure about the directory structure on a mobile - can that cause an error?