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    MMS send in nokia 6630

    I make research on possibility to send MMS via J2ME application in nokia 6630

    THe WMA 2.0 (jsr-205) is suitable for this, but it seems that 6630 does not support WMA 2.0 only WMA 1.0 (or 1.1 jsr-120).

    SO i would ask if there is any possibility to send MMS in 6630.
    DOes it really not support WMA 2.0 ?
    How can i send the MMS without jsr-205 in 6630. Is sending a binary SMS via jsr-120 will be suitable to recive and separate the data in other phone (i mean audio data, like wav).
    I read somwhere that it could be done by using a direct socket connection to MMSC from the phone. Where can i find more information about that.

    Is there any native (only nokia way) solution to send mms in 6630 (NOKIA SMSAPI)?



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    Re: MMS send in nokia 6630

    6630 does not support JSR-205 (this API is supprted by S60 3rd Edition devices). JSR-205 is needed to send MMS.


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