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    Installation of '...' not supported !

    Hello !

    Recently i purchased N91 phone. It's a very good device and I enjoy it !

    But i have a following problem and i hope for your help people.

    I can install all java games or applications wthout problems.

    But almost every time i try to install any .sis apllication i have following error : Installation of 'application name' not supported !

    I know most of applications are old and for s60 2nd edition series.
    But i can't even install a DVDplayer from SymbianGear.com. It should work on Nokia N91, the phone is mentioned under the devices: cathegory.

    here is the link to the application site : http://www.symbiangear.com/product.h...05,14910,54368

    hope for your help. Regards. Fjodor.

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    Re: Installation of '...' not supported !

    Symbian Version 9, has a whole new security platform built into it.

    This means that SIS applications need to be signed along with a few other porting changes.

    From the free trial download for DVDPlayer from that site, the application will not be supported by Symbian Version 9 phones. It says in the Readme file a list of phones that it supports and they are all lower versions of the Symbian OS.

    So the website is wrong. Unless you get a choice for a Symbian Version 9 download when you buy it. But i doubt it.

    Also the reason you can install JAVA applications fine, is because it is a sandboxed system and you are not able to do as many naughty things. So the new security profile in the Symbian OS won't do anything to JAVA apps.

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    Re: Installation of '...' not supported !

    Thanks a lot for your answer, i hope the applications will be availible for the new OS soon.

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