my project goMyPlace is an Open Source alternative to PCAnywhere/GoToMyPC applications and specifically crafted for using with cell phones and PDAs. All source code is released under GPL. It includes client and server side sources.

The application allows to access file system on PC at home/office from a regular cellphone, PDA or any other Internet enabled device.

i am looking for alpha testers.
System requirements:
- PC can be NATed and firewalled. Linix/OSX/Win32 with Java 1.4 or better (Sun JRE) installed.
- cellphone, PDA or any other Internet enabled device with regular browser allowing to see HTML files. no JS/Java support is required.

please, help me to make this project useful.

see for installation instructions

see more on SourceForge
and Wikipedia

i will greatlty appreciate any feedback related to the project, thank you