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    Nokia Cover Emulator 2.0 and JCOP Tools

    I'm developping a MIDlet on a Nokia 3220 mobile exanging APDUs with a Secure Chip located in the NFC back cover. When I follow the SDK tutorials to install the emulated developement environment I can't make the Cover Emulator and the JCOP Tools work together. I configured it with the right paths for JCOP libs and DLLs, but when I try to send an APDU from the MIDlet to the emulated secure chip, the cover displays :"Could not use JCOP DLLs. Chack path".

    Does anyone have the same problem ?

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    Re: Nokia Cover Emulator 2.0 and JCOP Tools

    I have the same environment but a little bit different issue: I'm writing a Midlet which communicates with Secure Card inside the NFC P&T Shell. In real device (Nokia 3220) things go well.

    However, I want to create a test environment using Nokia S40 Emulator and JCOP's JavaCard simulation. Could it be possible to connect these two components somehow?

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    Re: Nokia Cover Emulator 2.0 and JCOP Tools


    The solution for: "Could not use JCOP DLLs."

    Take the orginal Tools.zip of JCOP tool.

    Unpack zip file in new temp directory. (in my case c:\test)

    Go to directory: c:\test\plugins\

    Here you will find a file called: com.ibm.bluez.jcop.eclipse_3.1.2.jar

    Now you need to extract all files inside Jar. (using for example winrar)

    After unpacking take the following 3 files from directory:



    Copy them, and Paste in C:\windows\system32\

    Marc van Dam

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