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    6310i: no "dot" (.) available when entering e-mail server number

    Sorry, I reposted due to a typo in the subject line ;=(
    When sending an e-mail via "Messages" the phone asks for the server number. I guess that this must be the POP DNS at "the receiving end", therefore something like 123.456.789.012. But on that screen only numeric digits are allowed, and + and * and # - but these are not the required dots.

    How can this problem be overcome?
    I have v 4.07.

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    E-mail Server Number

    Hi, i am new in this forum and i have a 7210.

    When i try to send e-mails i get the same error message. If you have found out how to recieve the number or if anyone knows how to recieve this number please contact me.

    Much appreciated,

    Thank you.

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    There is no native support for e-mails in Nokia 6310 or Nokia 7210. The e-mail application is used when sending SMS messages to e-mail address. You meed to contact your local service provider if they have implemented the SMS - e-mail gateway in their infra.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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