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    CLDC 1.1 Symbian S60 3rd Edition / CDC-lite ?


    Our company is evaluating Nokia and other Series 60 2nd/3rd edition smartphones as a platform for our location-based services.

    One issue is whether we would "lose anything" building for what is a CLDC-based platform. Our background is JSE and JEE, so CLDC seems a bit slim; honestly, we'd much prefer to go with a CDC platform.

    However, from what I have read, I think I might be shortchanging the S60 platform based on what they have done to "pump up" their Java implementation. In particular, I'm referring to the addition of a hotspot JIT compiler and unlimited heap

    Of course, CLDC lacks many packages and classes included with CDC, but we can live with that.

    What we cannot live with is a scaled back JVM and runtime environment.

    So, to sum it up, is the JVM in the S60 3rd edition any "weaker" than a typical CDC JVM?

    Comments, opinions and experiences are welcome.

    Also, does anyone know if Nokia has a developer program in North America that can supply smartphones for evaluation/development purposes. We're in Canada and unfortunately, their S60 3rd edition phones are hard to come by over here.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

    Kevin Macdonald
    Pentura Solutions
    kevin.macdonald AT pentura DOT ca

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    Re: CLDC 1.1 Symbian S60 3rd Edition / CDC-lite ?

    Forum Nokia PRO has a proto loaner service for PRO members. For more information check the forum.nokia.om PRO site (see the link on the right-hand side on forum nokia web site).

    For some pointers on CLDC vs. CDC discussion, see http://java.sun.com/products/cdc/faq.html#cp1


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    Re: CLDC 1.1 Symbian S60 3rd Edition / CDC-lite ?

    Hi Kevin,

    In addition to what Hartti informed, AFAIK Symbian phones use CLDC HI implementation. It's a two generation JVM, not KVM. Anyway, i think it's not possible to pass arguments to JVM and control its generation sizes, GC algorithms, threads, TLABs, etc. I think you'll find that useful considering that you're looking for JVM specific issues...

    The CLDC HotSpot Implementation Virtual Machine


    Juarez Jr

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